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Insights in the European Construction Economy

These are turbulent times in the world, the corona virus is still active and the question is what kind of effect this all will have on the economy and in more detail on the constructionmarket on short term as well as on the long run. At this point unemploymentnumbers are rising and the consumer confidence is declining. This situation applies to almost all countries in the world, at least in Europe. 

Our insights on the European construction economy provides the most detailed analysis of both residential and non-residential construction. As a result, you know exactly where the shifts and opportunities are in the market. The report is divided into a housing construction module and a non-residential construction module. For each module, an overall picture of the new building is sketched out, where, among other things, the basic data of new building projects are discussed in detail.

Construction forecasts by country.

For all countries included in the International subscription, BuildInfoConsult makes estimates of construction production. This is for the current year and two years ahead. It differs per country what kind of data is available and how extensive this is, so if you want to know this specifically please contact us for this information.

The report

The whole research consists of several parts: we deliver a hard copy and a Power BI version in the online dataportal BuildInfoData. This allows you to do even more with our data yourself, for example: compile a detailed picture of the developments within the segment or region in which you are active. The comparison is also made with previous years. The interpretation and explanation of developments and trends will take place as much as possible in hard copy.

More information?

Our market information specialists can explain how construction production will develop in the coming years. In a short presentation, we not only give you an insight into how much we will be building in the coming years, but also why. We will also look together at what this means for your business. In this way, after an hour, your sights will be back on focus and you can build a healthy future.