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Making your marketing plan

A sound marketing plan is essential for a successful strategy. Nevertheless, there are still entrepreneurs in the construction sector who think they don’t need a marketing plan, because the plan is in the head after all. As a result, other matters have priority.

Making plans is an intensive and time-consuming process, which requires a lot of market information, analytical skills and willingness to take action. Nevertheless, in our view a thorough marketing plan is essential for a successful strategy. After all, by drawing up a marketing plan you put your goals, strategies and other important concepts on paper. It provides you with something to hold on to, it makes things clearer and it saves you time in the long run! By falling back on what is written down on paper, you save yourself and your marketing colleagues a long search for information.

With the research products and data of BuildInfoConsult you have practical information in your hands that you can use to make your own plans.

Marketing plan format

To help you draw up a successful marketing plan, we are happy to share our format with you free of charge. Please fill in the form on the right side of this page and we will send this manual directly to you!

More information?

Do you need advice on how to create a successful business plan or are you looking for information to complete your marketing plan? We are happy to help you! Please contact us directly via info@buildinfoconsult.com or call +31 10-206 69 96.