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Making your business plans

Good and reliable market information is essential to underpin your business plan. To support you in this, we have developed an annual European Trendreport. This report bundles the most important market information from the construction, real estate and installation sector. This keeps you up to date with current trends and developments and those of the coming years.

Your business plan is a framework for evaluating and testing your ideas. What do innovations add to my product portfolio, how does it bring me closer to my vision and what does it have to meet? The business plan enables you to make a strategic selection between different ideas and to work in a more focused way. It forces you to make decisions, provides internal clarity, focus and a consistent (marketing) message.

A good business plan gives you grip on your medium-term goals and thus provides you with a canvas for your short-term plans and agile actions. But how do you make a good business plan in this fast-paced time?  The BuildInfoConsult European Trendreport is the basis of your business plan. The report sets out the main trends in European construction. This report is based on desk research and is structured as follows:

In the first chapter, all countries are compared with each other. We then go into depth for each country, which means that a DESTEP analysis of the construction sector is made for each country. All 27 European countries are covered.

You will also receive basic figures about the built environment, such as:

– Building up the housing stock
– Key demographic figures and forecasts
– Socio-economic data
– Economic structure: where does the country earn its money?
– Construction of the construction sector
– Building volume in recent years, where possible divided by segment

More information?

Our Market Information Specialist Daniëlle Bakx will be happy to assist you. Can we help you in any other way in making or focusing your business plan? If so, please contact us by phone + 31 10 206 96 69 by Email info@builtinfoconsult.com. We are happy to help you!