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International Management Reporting

Making a management report is not a goal in itself. Good management reporting must provide insight at a glance into the state of affairs of the company, but also into the market in which you find yourself. This knowledge is indispensable when making the right decisions.

BuildInfoConsult helps you out with the BuildInfoConsult International Subscription

This brandnew subscription entails:

  • The European Management Summary that provides a dashboard of key figures on the European economy and construction production per country. At a glance, this shows the state of the market by and large. The Euro MS is constructed in our online dataportal BuildInfoData, on a digital map you can select the countries you are interested in.
  • European Trendreport. A Trendreport that focusses on the European construction production in a country and the trends that are of the most influence on this market. Based on deskresearch the most relevant numbers are placed in an historic overview. Qualitative trends like policy developments, an aging society and sustainablity are being discussed.
  • European Material Flow Dashboard. In a clear model, BuildInfoConsult presents the international trade flows derived from the Eurostat statistics. This allows you to see for each country where imports at product level come from and where the country exports to. In this way, the European material flows become transparent. If possible, the model can be extended with the national production figures from Prodcom, so that you get a complete picture of production, import and export of different materials types.

    More information?

    Curious about the contents of this International Subscription? Request the most recent European Management Summary as an example. It is free of charge and an be requested by filling in the form in the right sidebar. Can we help you with anything else concerning your business? Please let us know! Our specialists will be happy to think along with you.