Of all sources, manufacturers’ websites are used most by architects

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Rotterdam, June 12, 2020  – When budgets are under pressure, it is extremely important to spend every Euro of the marketing & communication budget on the right platform. However, before spending a lot of money on external communication channels, do not forget to make sure the website is relevant and up to date. Architects strongly rely on the websites of manufacturers; it is their go-to portal when information is needed for their projects. Nearly all architects have used manufacturer websites in the past twelve months within their information search for projects. This indicates that websites are one of the most important information sources that architects rely on. The European Architectural Barometer Q1 2020 shows how the cooperation goes between different parties in the construction value chain and what information architects are sharing with other parties in the construction process.

European Architectural Barometer Q1 2020 – USP Marketing Consultancy 

Manufacturers’ websites mainly used for product specifics, prices, and technicalities

Although many websites offer a full range of information for architects, the European architect values the website of manufacturers highly. The starting point of the search is more generic in the beginning: searching on the internet via search engines, and eventually being directed to the manufacturer’s website as this is a reliable source for architects. This is especially the case when architects are looking for specific product information, prices, or more detailed technical information. In each of the involved countries in the study, this is the most essential information that architects expect from the manufacturer’s website. The website of manufacturers is trustworthy and who else has the best and most up-to-date detailed information available on their products?

The website is not yet used often to get inspired; architects use independent sources for this

Just as when looking for product specifics, the starting point for architects when looking for innovations and novelties is generally the internet. While manufacturers do their best to offer relevant content for architects, they do not seem to fully succeed at that. The website is surely an important and key information source, but architects throughout Europe need additional sources to fully comply with their information needs when they search for inspiration. It seems that architects have a strong preference for sources other than the manufacturer, especially when it comes to information on aesthetics, novelties, and new product innovations. For this type of information, architects rely more on independent information sources such as professional or trade magazines, but also on newer information sources as online architectural portals. 

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